If you have any questions that are not here please message me!


Q.      How long will it take to get my item/s?

          This all depends on the order. Onced ordered i will always keep you updated.

  1. Fursuits 4-10 weeks 
  2. Custom costume 5-12 weeks
  3. Paint job 2-3 weeks
  4. 3D print 6-12 weeks

Q.      Do you post international?

Yes i do! I am UK based so if you order from over seas it can take a few weeks to get to you once posted.

Postage does cost more if not in the UK.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

          I accept Paypal, if paying via "Goods or service" you will need to cover their fee.

          I also accept payment plans but require a upfront payment for materials to start again you have to cover Paypal's fee.


Q. Do you do any addons/extras for fursuits?

          Here are the extras i can do for fursuits and prices.


          Nylon belt for tail £3
          Upgrade eyes to follow-me eyes £5
          Wire in ears £5
          Teeth £6
          Resin claws (paws) £8
          Resin claws (feets) £8

          Extra padding in paws £6


Q. Do you sell fursuit parts seperatly?

             Yes here are some rough prices:


            Paws (2 colours, short fur, basic pattern)
            Large £60 (+£5 per extra colour)

            Feet paws (2 colours, short fur, basic pattern)
            Small (upto size 6 UK) £40
            Medium (size 7-9 UK) £50
            Large (size 10+ UK) £60

            Tail (2 colours, short fur, basic pattern)-
            Small £25 (10-15 inches)
            Medium £35 (16-20 inches)
            Large £40 (21-30 inches)